Congressional race heats up between DeMaio and Peters

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The race between Congressman Scott Peters and challenger Carl DeMaio is getting even tighter.

A new opinion poll shows a virtual dead heat, and Wednesday one of the candidates accused the other of stooping to a smear campaign.

With so many millions of dollars poured into the race for the 52nd Congressional District, perhaps it is no surprise the race is taking on an increasingly combative tone.

On Wednesday, Republican challenger DeMaio called a news conference lashing out at Peters, and accused the Congressman of lying in his campaign ads.

DeMaio claims his opponent’s ads do not tell the truth by claiming he is a big champion of the Tea Party.

DeMaio said he is especially offended by the spots about student loans because he says loans were his lifeline to a college degree.

DeMaio said it was Peters who should be wearing the ‘extremist’ label.

The openly gay Republican says Peters is being endorsed by Pastor Gim Garlow’s Skyline Church in Rancho San Diego, and by other groups which are fighting to prevent same-sex marriage.

According to prominent religious rights lawyer Charles Limandri, Carl DeMaio has also attended events at the Skyline Church.

Peters, however, said his ads are on the mark about his rival’s ties to the Tea Party.

Congressman Peters added that DeMaio is not up for a ‘real’ fight.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 4th.

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