Congressman Crenshaw doesn’t want failed California laws like AB 5 forced on the entire country

Monday evening, Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) posted a video to Instagram TV explaining that Republicans aren’t really against unions, even though that’s what the Democrats like to tell you that.

The caption continued, “Republicans just don’t support forcing people to join unions and forcing failed California laws on the entire country to bankroll union bosses and the leftist causes they fund.”

Crenshaw consistently creates content like this for his Instagram page. This specific video, ties right into local San Diego politics and the KUSI’s coverage of Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher’s controversial gig worker bill, AB 5.

In the beginning of the video Crenshaw explains how he and other Republicans want people to “be able to choose to join a union. If you want to pay your dues, pay your dues. But if you want to independently contract, make your own hours, set your own rates, then you should be able to do that too.” Crenshaw then asks, “if that sounds reasonable to you, then why isn’t that a bipartisan stance?”

Crenshaw then tells his audience that last week, Democrats passed the “Protecting the Right to Organize Act” and explains how the name of the bill sounds good, but the legislation does just the opposite.

And finally, he brings it all back to California laws that have been implemented “that aren’t working.” In regard to Lorena Gonzalez’s AB 5, Crenshaw says, “by dramatically redefining the way employees are hired, this bill (AB 5) actually disrupts your ability to independently contract or participate in the gig economy.”


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