Congressman Duncan D. Hunter on Eddie Gallagher trial and the U.S.-Mexico border

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, a staunch supporter of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher said the government should never have dragged Gallagher to trial.

I sat down with the Congressional Representative in the 50th district to talk about Gallagher’s acquittal on murder charges in in the death of an injured ISIS fighter and the shooting of two unarmed civilians.

Convicted of one count of posing for a photo with the dead prisoner, a judge on Wednesday reduced Gallagher’s rank to Petty Officer First Class and ordered his pay cut for two months, “This isn’t over. We’re going to hold accountable the lawyers that lied to Congress, that lied to Eddie’s parents, that told everyone, “you better stay out of this, there’s a damning video that shows horrible things. If you saw that video you’d want your son in jail, too.’ That’s what the lawyers told Eddie’s parents. No video like that existed,” Hunter said.

Hunter said Gallagher’s experience with the military justice system is not unique. Believing there are dozens of other service members who have been unjustly accused or serving time after being convicted. Hunter said he and Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas are starting a congressional advocacy group to fight for those who have been treated unfairly.

“What we’re going to do is we’re going to compile these cases so we can present them to the President, because frankly, you can’t trust the military to police their own- meaning the President can’t go to the military, the same guys that are trying to put Eddie Gallagher in jail for no reason, you can’t go to those guys and say ‘Where else have you screwed up at?’ ” Hunter said.

Although the Gallagher trial has wrapped up, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter faces legal battles of his own, accused of misusing $250,000 in campaign funds.

The editorial boards of two major newspapers, the San Diego Union Tribune and the Los Angeles Times have called on Hunter to resign from his seat immediately, arguing that his legal troubles will make him an ineffective member of Congress.

“My answer to that is I think we did pretty good with the Eddie Gallagher case, right? That worked out just fine. So I’m able to do my job just fine and do more than a lot of other members of Congress are even able to do,” Hunter said.

KUSI’s Sasha Foo got the opportunity to speak with Congressman Hunter about the outcome.

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