Congressman Duncan D. Hunter on restoring Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s rank of Chief Petty Officer, impeachment, and his upcoming trial

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Monday, Pete Hegseth announced on Fox and Friends that President Trump is restoring Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s rank back to Chief Petty Officer, overruling a decision by the Navy’s top admiral last week.

Chief Gallagher was found not guilty of killing a wounded ISIS fighter, but he was convicted of posing in a picture with a body, and demoted to First Class Petty Officer as punishment. The photo referenced is below, Gallagher was the only one convicted for taking it.

Congressman Duncan D. Hunter led the charge in the fight to protect Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher. Gallagher’s family has thanked Hunter for his efforts and for getting President Trump to intervene in the case.

Congressman Hunter joined us live on Good Morning San Diego to talk more about President Trump’s decision, the ongoing impeachment inquiry, and his upcoming trial.

He told us that the House of Representatives will vote to impeach President Trump in the next month or so, adding that Speaker Pelosi knows this is a bad topic for some Democrat Representatives.

He also spoke about former District Attorney Paul Pfingst joining his legal team.

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