Congressman Duncan Hunter on crowded 2020 congressional race

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-50) stopped by Good Morning San Diego to discuss several topics including the 2020 race, presidential impeachment inquiry, his on going indictment and pending trial.

Congressman Hunter recently made the following statement regarding Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats’ continued efforts to bring impeachment proceeding against President Trump.

“This effort is a weak attempt to score political points, nothing more. Democrats have been searching and investigating and pontificating impeachment since the day President Trump was elected, not based on any evidence or facts, but based purely on an ongoing, dogmatic desire to stifle this President and his agenda in any way possible. Democrats know that the Senate will not convict this President, but they continue to pursue impeachment for the simple political purpose of being able to claim he was impeached. Continuing to waste time on this rather than other important issues is embarrassing and the American people already see right through this shallow display.”

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