Congressman Hunter invites members of Congress to view video evidence in Eddie Gallagher case

To watch the press conference, click here.

WASHINGTON DC (KUSI) –  Congressman Duncan D. Hunter (CA-50) provided an opportunity for members of Congress to view the video evidence in the case of Chief Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher who is being charged with killing an ISIS terrorist by the U.S. Navy.

After showing the video evidence, Congressman Hunter arranged for Chief Gallagher’s legal representation to be present and answer Member’s questions regarding the case which KUSI has been covering for months and has gathered national attention.

Congressman Hunter addressed the media after the viewing of evidence along with any othe Members who wished to comment. The press conference can be viewed above.

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For those of you who BELIEVED, REPEATED, or PERPETUATED this LIE – THIS IS FOR YOU ???????????????????? • • This >> LIE << imitated from the SEAL accusers #meangirls / was used as propaganda to effectively make the upper brass of NSW cower to their demands to destroy my husband {which they did} / then repeated all throughout the NSW community by higher ups & haters to dissuade allegiance & support for my Husband and our family / People we have known for years backed away and remained silent – all while our family was utterly terrorized ???????????? • • To let you know how bad this LIE became during 8 months of GOSSIP it was told ~ from upper brass at NSW community to ⬇️ lower ranking community but ALSO the upper ⬆️echelon of the military community all the way up to Members of Congress and the White House ???????? • • CONTEXT: ????????‍⚖️Judge Rugh early in this case- in order to ensure NEITHER the defense or the prosecution leaked information that could prevent Eddie from receiving a FAIR TRIAL- instituted a Protective Order ???????? • • Over the course of this nightmare it has been OBVIOUS that the protective order was ONLY being followed by our defense and that NCIS/Prosecution + Mean Girls + along with high-ranking Navy officials trying to cover their own ???? were violating the order with the sole purpose of convincing current / former members of NSW, people or influence, all the way up to members Congress of Eddie’s GUILT. ???????? • • In fact, they were advising members of congress NOT to support Eddie based on their FALSE assertions that there is a ‘video’ that proves Eddie’s guilt.???? • • ???????????? Let me say that again… HIGH RANKING NAVY OFFICIALS WERE ADVISING MEMBERS OF CONGRESS NOT TO SUPPORT EDDIE! ——> The TRUTH?!? {Insert you can’t handle the truth…} ➡️➡️➡️ is that this video shows that Eddie is INNOCENT! ???????????? It’s ???? % EXCULPATORY ???? • • So in order to defend Eddie, his defense team requested the judge allow them to share this video with members of congress and TODAY @rep_hunter HAS A MESSAGE for the LIARS & LEAKERS ???????????????? • • The TRUTH is coming out now~ And the TRUTH will set Eddie free!???????????????? #FREEEDDIE

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