Congressman Hunter says women need to register for the draft

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Congressman Duncan D. Hunter said if all combat position are going to be open to women, they ought to register for the draft.

Congressman Hunter is opposed to having women serve in frontline combat roles to begin with, but he said by introducing this bill, it would at least get the issue in front of Americans – not the administration – to decide how they feel about women in infantry.

"If you’re gonna put women in infantry, then let’s have the discussion. If we’re all equal then let’s see if America wants its daughters and sisters drafted," Congressman Hunter said over the phone on "Good Morning San Diego." 

The bill comes two days after the top generals in the Army and Marines said that women should be required to register now that they can serve in all combat jobs, which was a groundbreaking decision for the Pentagon back in December.

This week, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter was in San Diego, visiting MCAS Miramar.

Some Marines had the opportunity to ask the Secretary Carter questions and one of those questions had to do with women serving in the Military.

"We need to be able to reach into the largest pool of people we can and women make up half of our country. So they have to be qualified, they 
They’ll be allowed to drive tanks, fire mortars and lead infantry soldiers into combat.have to meet standards. But I want to be able to reach in all parts of our population," Secretary Carter said.

Congressman Hunter, a Marine veteran himself, is actually against women serving in combat roles.

"When the administration says ‘we want to put women into special forces into ground infantry units against the recommendations of the Marine Corps,’ they did a big study on this and they recommended that you open up tanks and artillery and that kind of stuff, leave the infantry to young men because it works better, they have a whole study that shows this. The point is lets talk about this," Congressman Hunter said.

He said he is prepared to vote against his own bill that would require women to sign up for the Selective Service in case there is ever a draft.

"If there is one, how is it fair that women don’t get drafted then?  If we’re going to open up every single specialty to women and have them in infantry, if there is a draft, a big war then lets look at that. If you’re 18-years-old and you’re a young man, you have to register for Selective Service," he said.

"Let’s have the discussion that if we’re all equal, let’s see if America wants its daughters and sisters drafted. That’s what this bill does, it makes people talk about it, have the discussion in a public forum instead of having the administration continue to make decisions as oppose to the administration make this decree against the military wishes and then scurrying back to their holes to hid in," he continued.

Women have always been exempt from the Selective Service System, but now the Military must implement full integration of combat jobs. 

How do you feel?

No matter what, it will take an act of Congress to change this law.

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