Congressman speaks to Point Loma residents about FAA flight path changes

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego Airport Noise Advisory Committee held a meeting Wednesday afternoon at Lindbergh Field where the Point Loma community continued to voice its concerns against the Federal Aviation Administration about the proposed flight changes to the San Diego International Airport.

Residents are worried that the FAA’s proposal to change the flight path of departing jets from Lindbergh field will cause a dramatic drop in quality of life and the area’s home values.

Congressman Scott Peters attended the meeting and spoke during the public comment period about joining the Quiet Skies Caucus in Congress, sponsoring the FAA Community Accountability Act, passing legislation that requires the FAA to update its community involvement manual and the implementation plan to better engage communities affected by flight path changes. Peters also provided an update on a meeting he had with FAA officials earlier Wednesday.

When asked if representatives from the FAA were aware of how mad people from San Diego are, Peters said, “Oh yes. I don’t think there is any issue, since I have been in congress, that’s energized the community like the planes in Point Loma. And I totally understand where they are coming from.”

Currently, if an aircraft takes off for New York City from Lindbergh , the route is to fly several miles over the Pacific Ocean, turn around and fly over Coronado’s Silver Strand State Beach. The proposed route change is to make an early turn after takeoff, heading right over Point Loma.

The FAA says the flight path change is necessary to reduce fuel costs, reduce air pollution and make flight routes more efficient.

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