Conservative influencers and anti-Biden stories being heavily censored by big tech

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As election season approaches, big tech is once again censoring and “shadow-banning” conservative influencers and news outlets who report facts that happen to be negative towards the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines.

KUSI News has seen a drastic decrease in engagements and impressions over the last 2-3 weeks on Facebook and Instagram, and the @KUSINews Instagram account isn’t even showing up for viewers when they search our page in Instagram.

This is nothing new, and has been happening since at least three years, to our knowledge.

During a recent interview with Joe Rogan, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that the FBI pressured the social media companies into censoring articles about Hunter Biden’s laptop, as the FBI claimed it was “Russian disinformation,” which is false. The material on Hunter Biden’s laptop is verified and real.

Big tech also banned President Donald J. Trump, who has since started his own platform, Truth Social, designed to promote free speech.

Oceanside gym owner, TPUSA Ambassador, and community leader, Louis Uridel, is also personally experiencing the effects of big tech’s suppression on his own accounts.

Republicans in Congress have done nothing to prevent big tech from censoring people and outlets over the last three years, and the censorship efforts are only growing. Uridel says any influencers or outlets that speak up against the Biden Administration will be the target of big tech’s suppression.

Uridel encourages people to share posts of the influencers they follow to “break through the oppressive reach limit” that META can impose on accounts critical of President Biden.

Uridel joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on Good Morning San Diego to explain how the censorship works, and why people need to fight back.


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Meanwhile, posts from Democrat politicians, like Supervisor Nathan Fletcher are never questioned, labeled or censored by big tech.

For example, back in June of 2021, Fletcher attacked KUSI, falsely claiming we were spewing misinformation when we reported a San Diego County Health Official, Dr. Shah, saying post-vaccination infection is expected.

Fletcher went to Twitter to falsely tell San Diegans they have a “0.03%” chance of getting infected after being vaccinated.

That is obviously untrue, and we all knew that in 2021. But, the post was never flagged or censored by big tech.


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