Convention Center expansion moved to March primary ballot

SAN DIEGO (KUSI)  – The San Diego City Council moved up Convention Center expansion to the March primary ballot to improve its chances of being passed, but expansion still faces major hurdles.

The City still doesn’t control the land needed for expansion, and increasing the hotel tax requires a two-thirds vote, difficult in the best of times.

Fifth Avenue Landing Company holds the lease and is working on a 300-million dollar project on that site.
The city has already cost taxpayers five million dollars, and pledged another 30-million, or more to 5th Avenue for delaying its project, contingent upon the voters approving a hotel tax increase in the March Primary.
The tax will raise billions of dollars but there is no plan for how the money is to be spent, for example how is the 1.8 Billion dollars for homeless programs going to be divvied up, and will it include permanent housing. Other issues related to the expansion will be debated between now and when the voting begins in march.

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