Convention Center expansion must overcome major hurdles

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The lodging industry is in the process of developing a strategy to get two-thirds of the voters to support Convention Center expansion, which will be on the primary ballot in March.

Expansion will have to overcome some major hurdles, including a past history of failure, and a two-thirds vote.

There have been two attempts to raise the hotel tax since 1998, both failed.

The San Diego Chargers wanted to increase the tax to build a stadium Downtown. It was opposed, and defeated by the hoteliers who wanted those funds for themselves. The second failure was when the hotel owners assessed themselves a two percent room tax, which the courts killed saying tax increases require a public vote.

Expansion has been a priority for San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, but time is running out before he’s termed out next year.

California has more delegates than any other state, which became a major factor to move move up its primary. This will likely be a contested primary between Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and possibly Joe Biden.

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