CoolSculpting freezes fat areas from your body

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Here in Southern California most of us strive to live a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes no matter how hard we diet or work-out those stubborn pockets of fat just don’t respond.

Fat freezing technology is the newest way to get rid of love handles and double chins. It’s less invasive than liposuction and there’s no downtime.

After years of clinical trials, the food and drug administration has approved the technique called CoolSculpting for eight different areas on the body.

A non invasive alternative to liposuction, this fat freezing technique was first approved to shrink love handles a decade ago. It works by targeting and killing fat cells. Once the cells are gone, they don’t come back.

“Your lymphatic system basically flushes everything out. Most people want to know where the fat goes. Your lymphatic system just flushes it right out. It takes 2-3 weeks for you to see a result,”
says CoolSculping technician Michelle Raby.

With years of training, Michelle Raby is one of just two master CoolSculpter technicians in San Diego. She says one 600 dollar treatment on one area of the body reduces fat up to 25 percent. At least two treatments are recommended.

“They come in for their abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs, bra fat, bra roll, arms. It’s FDA approved for every body part, they just came out with the chin, which was FDA approved and also tightens as well which is amazing,” says Raby.

The before and after photos are impressive. Raby says what most people find appealing is there’s no downtime and the procedure takes just 35 minutes with full results in three months.

So what does freezing your fat away feel like? Raby responds, “You’re gonna feel a little pull, a little tugging, a little tightness, ready perfect! When you have the treatment done, you’ll have a bit of swelling and bruising and the skin will be red. It does take a couple of weeks for it to dissipate.”

Fat freezing is not a weight loss treatment, but for people at or near their ideal weight. While the fat cells may be gone for good, if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle the remaining fat cells in your body will let you know it.

People with pre-exsisting conditions like a hernia or who have had recent surgeries or allergies are not candidates for CoolSculpting.

All things you can discuss with your physician before trying something new.

Another interesting note, Raby says half her clients are men.

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