Coronado Bridge to be updated

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The Coronado Bridge could look forward to some updates in the coming weeks as the lighting efforts for the bridge move in to it’s second phase. 

On Tuesday, the San Diego Unified Port District Board is set to approve nearly $500,000 to fine tune the lighting plan. The project would install LED lights along the bridge powered by a sustainable energy source. 

This lighting effort is entirely funded by donations. 

Also in Coronado, Caltrans is set to hold two meetings this week to discuss adding barriers to the sides of the bridge in hopes to prevent people from committing suicide. 

"Other bridges such as the Golden Gate Bridge have been or are in the process of being retrofitted to prevent suicides," said Coronado Mayor, Richard Bailey. "It is time for the Coronado Bridge to be retrofitted as well." 

Nearly 20 people died after jumping from the Coronado Bridge last year. 

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