Kearny Komets 26, Coronado Islanders 14

Welcome to Week 7! Homecoming week is upon us for the Kearny Komets as they face the Coronado Islanders. Looking to go undefeated, the Komets are 5-0, while the Islanders are 2-3. Feeling like they have something to prove, the Islanders will look to get a win on the road. No game is a guarantee win in the books and should not be overlooked.

The Kearny Komets have a strong offense. Kenyon Williams leads the Komets averaging 160.8 yards per game and has ten touchdowns to date. On the ground, Brenton Bell leads the Komets with 209.4 yards per game. With scoring more than 34 points game each game, the Komets prove a touch match-up with the Islanders. The Islanders have capabilities of scoring with being in double digits in two of their games. Defensively, the Islanders have the opportunity to step up their game this week. Being Week 7, there is no room for complacency for the Komets because upsets do happen.

The Kearny Komets will host the Coronado Islanders. It is also Kearny’s homecoming game. This should add some extra spirit to the team’s moral.

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