Coronado Mayor on SANDAG taxing drivers in new transportation plan

CORONADO (KUSI) – Among other proposals, SANDAG’s new transportation plan includes an increased tax on drivers using vehicles, described Mayor of Coronado and SANDAG Board Member, Richard Bailey.

The proposal has not yet passed.

The formal draft of the SANDAG Regional Plan will be presented to Board Members on May 28.

Mayor Bailey described that there are elements in the plan that most San Diegans would likely agree with such as freeway expansions, better use of existing right-of-ways, and improved intersection traffic.

Two-thirds of the funds will be going to public transportation projects.

“SANDAG is envisioning a one cent sales tax increase in addition to vehicle miles traveled fees. It would be up to two cents on every mile traveled in your vehicle, administered here locally, and possibly also two cents in addition to that, administered by the state. So you could end up paying roughly four cents per mile driven,” Mayor Bailey explained.

Many San Diegans have wondered why SANDAG wants to tax drivers.

Mayor Bailey’s answer to this question was that SB 375 mandated that regional bodies such as SANDAG produce plans that reduce vehicle miles traveled.

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