Coronado parents of soldier who committed suicide, helping vets

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Three years ago, the Coronado parents of an Army soldier who committed suicide found themselves in the national spotlight.

The reason: Their decision to share with the public their son’s suicide note, where he talked about not getting the needed treatment for his PTSD.

Army Sergeant Daniel Somers left behind a suicide not that broke America’s heart and raised questions about claims of a broken mental health system.

After two tours in Iraq and over 400 combat missions, the invisible wounds of war became too much for Sergeant Somers.

He had simply seen too much carnage, too much death and much of it involving civilians caught in the crossfire. 

The PTSD then began to get the best of him. Depression would then set in, eventually leading to suicide.

In Somers’ suicide note, he said he felt he had been let down by the VA in getting help for his PTSD.

During an appearance on CNN, Howard Somers read a portion of his son’s note.

But instead of letting the pain cripple them, Somers’ parents put their pain into action, launching a series of resource fairs for veterans to help them cope with their PTSD and ultimately prevent them from taking their own lives.

Dr. And Mrs. Somers are experiencing tremendous success with "Operation Engage America," which is taking hold across the entire nation in many different cities.

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