Coronavirus in California – shutdown worsens revenue woes, so guess what’s coming?

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – California’s governments; city, county, state, special districts, etc., spend over $450 billion a year.

In order to do so, they depend on sales tax, hotel occupancy taxes, business taxes, and other taxes. The coronavirus shutdown has severely impacted about a third of their yearly intake from those taxes.

But California is not alone, the coronavirus pandemic is causing huge deficits for all levels of government throughout the county, and around the world.

Now, Gavin Newsom wants to create a new $125 million program to give checks to 150,000 illegal immigrants.

Author, speaker, and former Chairman of the California Republican Party, Tom del Beccaro, wrote an op-ed for Fox News titled, “Coronavirus in Califorina – shutdown worsens revenue woes, so guess what’s coming?”

In the op-ed, he wrote, “California is making plans to reopen its economy even though many assumed liberal California would be closed longer than most. So why is it planning on opening? Perhaps the reality of its fiscal crisis is too stark for even Gov.Gavin Newsom to ignore.”

Del Becarro spoke to KUSI News about his piece and why California must address the revenue shortfalls amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Tom del Beccaro’s opinion editorial can be read here.

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