Councilman Joe LaCava details City of San Diego’s new bonfire regulations

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – There has been some confusion among the public surrounding what types of bonfires are allowed on City of San Diego beaches.

The City of San Diego’s legislation already bans wood-burning bonfires on public beaches, but there are some people breaking this existing law, and running commercial bonfire companies on city beaches.

Some of the bonfire companies feel as if the new legislation is targeting them. But, Councilmember Joe LaCava, who introduced the new legislation, says the laws already exist, he is just clarifying them for public safety and enforcement mechanisms. Wood-burning fires on the sand leave a lot of dangerous debris, and safety of beachgoers is one of City Councils top concerns.

Instead of anyone creating a wood-burning fire on the sand at the beach, LaCava says the new regulations make it clear they have to use the city supplied firepits. He explained, “the wood-burning fires outside the city fire rings, are no longer permitted on our sandy beaches.”

Propane fires are still allowed.

Councilman Joe LaCava discussed the new regulations with KUSI’s Hunter Sowards on Good Evening San Diego.

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