Councilmember Chris Ward discussed San Diego’s relief efforts during COVID-19 crisis

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Regional leaders are making a system-wide coordinated approach to help homeless individuals and that the lower level of Golden Hall and parts of the Convention Center would be opened up to individuals currently in our shelters.

On Tuesday, the  city of San Diego moved 55 families, comprising 153 people, from a shelter at Golden Hall to rooms in two motels the county secured for vulnerable populations and those showing symptoms who couldn’t safely isolate at home. The Regional Task Force for the Homeless, Father Joe’s Villages and the city planned to move 106 women from two shelters into the expanded Golden Hall shelter.

“We expect to see that begin later today,” said Jim Vargas, Father Joe’s president and CEO. “We’ll be staging things in an orderly fashion.”

The point of the moves, city officials said this week, is to create more space between those in the shelters to help prevent the spread of COVID- 19. The additional space will also allow more San Diegans to get off the street while maintaining social distancing. San Diego is outfitting portions of its convention center as a temporary shelter during the COVID-19 crisis.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said the county’s nine bridge homeless shelters with public nurses will convert to screening and triage centers.

“The actions we are taking this week will ensure individuals and families can keep themselves safe, and bring hundreds of unsheltered San Diegans into the safety of our shelter system,” said Councilmember Chris Ward. “Our City remains committed to deliberate, thoughtful collaboration with regional partners to ensure the safety and well-being of all San Diegans during this pandemic, and after.”

Councilmember Ward spoke on Good Morning San Diego about the City’s homeless relief efforts amid the COVID-19 crisis, the multimillion-dollar small business relief fund proposed last week by Mayor Kevin Faulconer, and the eviction moratorium approved Wednesday.


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