Councilmember Jennifer Campbell angrily demands Sheriff arrest people who don’t wear masks or distance

OCEAN BEACH (KUSI) – San Diego City Councilmember Jennifer Campbell held a press conference Tuesday where she angrily berated people who were not obeying social distancing guidelines or wearing masks in Ocean Beach.

She was joined by other City and County officials who were in attendance to support her message.

They met in Ocean Beach at a popular park near the sand where unauthorized sidewalk vendors have been setting up, Wednesday nights especially.

Currently, there is no sidewalk vending law in the City of San Diego. So, these unregulated vendors may not be authorized to sell food, but what they are doing is not illegal, because there are no laws against sidewalk vending right now. Plus, the unauthorized vendors are not subjected to the public health guidelines that the nearby farmers market vendors must abide by to sell their products.

This same area is also the location where large drum circles form on a regular basis. Social distancing is rarely followed, as many of the participants are friends and tell KUSI they feel as if they are all family.

But, that doesn’t matter to Councilmember Jennifer Campbell. Campbell led the effort to shut down all the gatherings at this location. Barriers were set up along the grass, only to be ripped down by people in the community.

Campbell herself wasn’t even following social distancing guidelines during her time at the park. She was within 6 feet of many people for most of the time.

During Campbell’s speech, she inferred those who don’t abide by social distancing guidelines are not mature. Campbell declared, “they have got to stop it. They have got to behave in a responsible, adult, mature manner.”

Campbell then went on to blame President Donald Trump for the troubles in the district she represents as a San Diego City Councilmember.

But she didn’t end there. Campbell then went on to threaten San Diegans with arrest for violating social distancing guidelines and not wearing masks. Campbell proclaimed, “the County Sheriff should be out here arresting people who aren’t wearing masks, who aren’t distancing, and who are coming together to…(inaudible).

Campbell finally concluded with a statement meant to scare the public. Declaring, “this is the worst virus in the history of medicine. It’s very dangerous, some of you don’t believe it but it’s true.”

After she concluded her speech, an Ocean Beach resident voiced strong opposition to her stance.

The man yelled to the audience, “while you have all your bars open, it’s not okay to have some hippies out here having a good time. There is no rioting here, a bunch of people having a good time is against the law. If you want to have a riot, that’s okay. If you want to get drunk at a bar, that’s okay. If you want to do yoga in the park, or want to feed your child because you need to sell something here, that’s a problem. Can I get an amen?”

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