Councilmember Whitburn proposes more shelters and campsites for homeless in empty parking lots

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego City Councilmember Stephen Whitburn (District 3) introduced likely the boldest and most hands-on plan to combat homelessness yet publicly considered amongst San Diego legislators.

Whitburn’s plan would make sleeping on the sidewalk illegal, and give police the right to site individuals with misdemeanors if they refuse a bed.

The plan would also dramatically increase the number of beds available through the utilization of parking lots and other open areas as safe camp zones. Refusal to use one of these beds, should one be open, would result in aforementioned ticketing.

Several homelessness advocates are in favor of the plan because it would remove risk factors to the homeless and to the community, making streets safer for everyone.

KUSI’s Rafer Weigel reported that “ultimately, for this to move forward, it will be up to Mayor Todd Gloria.”

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