County unanimously approves spending $1.1M on body cameras for San Diego Sheriff’s Deputies

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The San Diego County Board of Supervisors Tuesday unanimously approved a $1.1 million plan to equip Sheriff’s Deputies with body-worn cameras. 

The Sheriff’s Department will officially roll out its body-worn camera program in August at the Alpine Sheriff’s Station and Ramona Sheriff’s Substation.

From there, deputies countywide will receive the cameras within four to five months. During that time, deputies will be trained on how to use the body-worn cameras, as well as preparing and fine tuning the infrastructure to support the technology.

Sheriff Bill Gore says the body-worn cameras will help provide another perspective during use of force investigations.

"Hopefully now with body-worn cameras, we’ll see what started the force. Was it appropriate force? Was it too much force? It’ll tell the story," he said.

The Sheriff’s Department has been working on implementing body-worn cameras in its law enforcement operations for several years.

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