County Human Relations Commission meeting tonight to discuss tortilla incident

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County’s Human Relations Commission will hold a special meeting tonight responding to the outrage, sometimes national, at tortillas being flung at a mostly Latino team after a championship basketball game at Coronado High School on June 19.

Just after Orange Glen High, a team comprised of mostly Latino students, lost to the mostly white Coronado High basketball team, some in the crowd were caught on video flinging tortillas at the Orange Glen High team.

The incident has sparked much fury, especially on social media, garnering opinions nationally.

The Human Relations Commission announced that it “is concerned and seriously disturbed following reports of recent hate incidents associated with the recent athletic event between Orange Glen High School and Coronado High School this past Saturday … and the related characterizations.”

Eleanor Evans of the County Human Relations Commission, joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on Good Evening San Diego to discuss what to expect from the meeting.

The Coronado High alumnus who brought the tortillas, Luke Serna, has publicly stately that tortilla tosses were a common tradition at championship celebrations, something he learned at UC Santa Barbara, which he attended.

Serna stated that he did not mean to be racially insensitive.


Byrnes brought this claim to Evans, who responded, “Well if he’s saying it’s tradition, then tradition needs to change. Simple as that,” she asserted. “I would think he has the sensitivity to realize that it was not appropriate. It was not the thing to do,” she said.

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