County of San Diego to use UCSD student housing to increase healthcare capacity

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The County of San Diego is planning to use student housing at UC San Diego as a way to increase healthcare capacity in the mist of the coronavirus pandemic.

The plan is to temporarily re-purpose a section of student housing into a medical treatment center that doctors and nurses could occupy if needed and preparations are already underway.

On Good Morning San Diego over the weekend , County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar explains how it would work.

“UCSD stepped up some new student housing. Inside that student housing, it has the ability to transform that space quickly now that students are not occupying the space is anymore and have a creative medical center.   This would be for COVID-19,  lower-level cases and let’s hope we never need it. But, just in case, we have 350 rooms at UCSD.  Theses are rooms at UCSD, we’re doctors and nurses could actually live on site at the University to help care for those patients.”

Friday, Jerome’s Furniture donated and delivered 100 beds and bed frames to help outfit the rooms.

Supervisor Gaspar is asking the local business community to step up if any there is business or company has the opportunity to do so.

There is still a need for beds and bed frames. If you can help, you’re asked to email supervisor Gaspar at

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