County officials asking for public’s help as West Nile Virus season approaches

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – If you’re asking if all our rain has helped or hurt the warmer weather-mosquito issue, the answer is the rain has washed away what would have been a standing water problem in many areas.

It also means problem areas where it might not have otherwise collected, have you checked that discarded tire leaning up against the garage? What about even the smallest of pots or saucers in your yard or child’s toys laying about? Even discarded water and soda bottles and cans can be an issue.

Today, County officials, including Supervisor Greg Cox, along with Public Health Officer Wilma Wooten were urging property owners to do their part as West Nile Virus season arrives with the warmer weather.

Vector Control official Chris Conlan told KUSI that even well-maintained ponds and decorative fountains can be a breeding ground and urged people to get mosquito-eating fish, which the County will be supply for free.

Check the County’s website for supply locations and other information on breeding prevention.

Also, keep an eye out for issues at neighboring properties, including pools that haven’t been attended to. Be sure to call attention to dead birds that may carry the virus.

The occasion also allowed officials to urge caution people traveling out of the Country, where the Zika and Dengue Viruses are a problem.

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