County refunding $431K in taxes

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister says San Diego residents are owed $431K made up of refunds for deposits on licenses, permits and other expenses.  

"We feel that it's important in the interest of transparency and openness to get this money out there and let people know it's here, because it is their money, it's not our money. It's fair and right," McAllister said.

The treasurer tries to pay back a stockpile of funds from fees and property taxes before it becomes the county's money. 

According to McAllister, this time there's approximately $413,540 payable to 4,179 people and businesses. 

This money is due to people and businesses who overpaid property taxes and the blood relatives of decedents without heirs.

More than $265,000 in funds comes from overpaid real estate taxes. 

"The Great Recession caused most of these accounts to go over-balance," McAllister said. "At the time, when the market was sliding, the assessor lowered the assess valuations, but at the same time people were catching up on bills and paying more than the values dictated that they should pay. That's why they're entitled to a refund."

Other overpayments were due to people who successfully appealed their property valuations, but still paid taxes on a more-expensive property. Appeals were more common during the real estate slump and are rarer now that the economy has improved. 

"We're seeing this as the kind of the end of that cycle, that era," he said.

By law, McAllister must get these funds back to their rightful owners. People who believe they are owned money must file a claim by Sept. 8.

Deposits that are unclaimed after three years and property tax refunds that are unclaimed after four years go to the county general fund. 

Anyone who would like to see if their owned money can see a full list of names at

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