County to add $10 million to house people with severe mental illnesses

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to add $10 million to help homeless individuals who have a serious mental illness secure housing.

“This funding is part of our continuing efforts to help San Diegans who don’t have a home and struggle with a serious mental illness,” said County Supervisor Greg Cox. “More housing for homeless with very serious mental illnesses will keep our communities safe and thriving.” 

Cox and Supervisor Ron Roberts have been spearheading the County’s efforts with the City of San Diego and regional community organizations and service providers to help the homeless.

Cox sits on the Regional Continuum of Care Council, an association of community organizations, businesses, service providers and faith-based groups that work to address homelessness. 

“Stable housing is a critical component of caring for the mentally ill,” said Supervisor Ron Roberts. “Today’s action ensures these new units will be dedicated to supportive housing for the next 55 years.”

The $10 million is coming from the state Mental Health Services Act, which was approved by voters in November 2004 and includes funding for expansion of mental health services.

The money will go to the Special Needs Loan Program for permanent supportive housing. Details on the housing will be developed by County staff.

The County is also planning 12 public forums throughout the region on mental health and alcohol and drug programs to identify unmet needs and gaps for services for communities to prioritize future programs for future funding.

More information about the forums is at

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