Covering all the Bases: Offensive Woes and NL West foes

Topic #1: Padres not going down without a fight: Now despite losing the series to the Brewers, the last couple of weeks have really showed the grit and fight that this team has. They always seem to make it interesting and fight till the finish. Plus, without things like this determination, the late inning heroics in game 1 of the Brewers series may have resulted in being swept versus just losing the series.
Topic #2: Struggling offense: Now it seemed like the Padres were starting to really find their rhythm in San Francisco, sweeping the Giants for the first time since 2016, but they come home and only scored 5 runs in three games against the Brewers and went Tuesday and Wednesday without even getting an extra base hit. The pitching is there but the offense really needs to start figuring something out if they want to stay in contention.
Topic #3: Pitching and bullpen: So the starting pitchers continuing to put on a show for the friars, but the downfall of all of this is the bullpen. It is unfortunate when these guys go 6 or 7 innings giving up 0-2 runs and have their game get out of hand with mistakes from the bullpen. At this point, the hope is that these guys start to smooth things out and are able to shut it down when they come in, or to get a reliable 7th and 8th inning arm as the Padres head down the stretch.
Topic #4: This Padres team is different: Despite losing the series, this is a Padres team that before that was on a five game winning streak, they are also sitting right behind the Dodgers in the NL West and are  12 games above .500 as we get ready to head into June. A place many people weren’t sure if the Padres would be without Fernando Tatis Jr., but one the fans and players would take in a heartbeat.
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