COVID-19 spike meaning for the elderly in long term care facilities

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Long term care facilities patient and staff deaths account for nearly 40 percent of all COVID-19 deaths across California  

As of May 3, nearly 10,000 patients and staff in long-term care facilities in the state of California have tested positive for the virus, and 926 of them have died  

Dr. Diane Darby Beach joined Good Morning San Diego to share some recommendations for long term care facilities:
• Institute contact-droplet precautions and test for COVID-19 by PCR (if testing available) for any resident who is demonstrating symptoms.
• Maintain precautions while awaiting test results.
• Create a dedicated COVID-19 Unit and assign staff who do not work elsewhere in the facilility
• This COVID-19 Unit should receive transfers from within the facility as well as new admissions/re-admissions from hospitals who are COVID-19 positive via a separate entrance/exit
• If not able to segregate COVID-positive patients in a separate Unit, Covid patients should remain in one area of the affected unit and assign dedicated staff to care for them.  

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