CPUC ordered by judge to turn over emails between SoCal Edison and governor’s office

SAN FRANCISCO (KUSI) – A San Francisco judge recently ordered the California Public Utilities Commission to turn over emails between SoCal Edison officials and the governor’s office about the expensive shutdown of the San Onofre Nuclear Plant.

By siding with Attorney Mike Aguirre’s lawsuit, the judge said withholding the emails is a violation of the public records act.

Mr. Aguirre said this is an ever widening corruption scandal that’s engulfed the Democratic Party based on documents seized by a search warrant that shows there was collusion to shift the shutdown costs to ratepayers.

Aguirre said the California Public Utilities Commission, or CPUC, is no longer a regulatory body over utilities, but it’s become a campaign arm of the Democratic party doling out campaign funds, travel and gifts.

"I am a life long democrat, it is a massive scandal within the democratic party power structure of California led by the governor and no one is doing anything about it because everybody in office is a member of the party," Aguirre said.

The CPUC is refusing to turn over 130 emails to and from the governor’s office that show SoCal Edison officials and CPUC commissions met secretly in Warsaw, Poland to shift the shutdown costs from utility shareholders to ratepayers.

It claims the emails are exempt from the public records act because the emails are part of its deliberative process.

"When it comes to public records you cant argue that it’s a regulatory matter to have a secret meeting in Warsaw that two judges have determined there’s probable cause to believe there’s constitutional felonies," Aguirre said.

"The main point here is that there was a secret meeting to make the ratepayers pay $3 billion that they didn’t get a chance to participate in," Aguirre continued.

A spokeswoman for SoCal Edison said the emails did not relate to the San Onofre settlement, nor were they sent to or from the governor’s office.

Then why not release them?

The CPUC has already spent more than $5 million of taxpayer funds to keep these emails secret.

"We want to find out if the governor was directing the CPUC to give favorable treatment to San Onofre. We know that he had a secret meeting with Mr. Craver, the CEO of SoCal Edison on June 6th," Aguirre said.

"The system is so corrupt that no one’s doing anything to stop it and now everyone knows that that happened," Aguirre said.

This is part of Mike Aguirre’s on-going battle to have the $3.3 billion returned to ratepayers.

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