Crews to begin cleanup of bomb house rubble

ESCONDIDO (CNS) – Crews today will begin removing the rubble of an Escondido home destroyed in a controlled fire to safely dispose of a large cache of bomb-making materials found inside.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Bomb Arson unit determined Thursday's incineration of the house at 1954 Via Scott destroyed all of the explosives and hazardous materials inside, so the rubble will be dumped in local landfills, said Michael Drake, spokesman for San Diego County.

Crews from the state, county and private companies will work together to clean up the site, and California's Department of Toxic Substances Control and the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health will oversee the removal process, Drake said.

Waste from the fire will be kept wet to constrain dust to the burn site, and fiber rolls will be used to ensure runoff from the site does not go into storm drains, he said.

The cleanup process will continue until the middle of next week, he said. Via Scott will remain closed and Via Alexandra will only be open to residents during the process.

Officials decided to burn the so-called Bomb Factory to the ground to dispose of the hazardous materials at the site after bomb crews said removing the explosive materials would be too dangerous.

George Djura Jakubec, 54, who rented the house with his wife for about four years, pleaded not guilty Monday to eight federal criminal counts and was ordered held without bail.

The Serbian native is accused of manufacturing and possessing destructive devices, as well as robbing three banks and trying to rob a fourth over the past two years. Authorities have disclosed no motive for the defendant's alleged bomb-making activities.

The explosives, including substances used by suicide bombers, were discovered after a gardener was injured in the backyard of the home when he stepped on something akin to a land mine.

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