Crowds gather to protest AB 5 at Julian Castro’s speaking event in Barrio Logan

BARRIO LOGAN (KUSI) – Over the weekend, former Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, and one-time Democratic Presidential candidate, Julian Castro, spoke to a small crowd at Border x Brewery in Barrio Logan.

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher attended the event, and that attracted people who have been negatively impacted by Assembly Bill 5 to show up and protest her legislation.

Although Lorena Gonzalez disagrees, the controversial new law is negatively impacting thousands of Californians across a number of different industries. KUSI interviewed Gonzalez about her bill and she asserted, “that there is no indication that there is thousands of people out of work.” She continued saying, “I understand that’s what you have been told by some folks, but there is absolutely no data or indication to suggest that thousands of people have been put out of work.” Her full interview with KUSI on AB 5 can be seen here.

KUSI has conducted a series of interviews with Californians who have been hurt by AB5 since the legislation became law. We have spoken with truckers, translators, cartoonists, interpreters, musicians, theaters, and even other California Assemblymembers who are working to fully repeal AB 5.

All of KUSI’s AB 5 coverage can be seen at

While Lorena Gonzalez was speaking, the anti-AB 5 protesters began shouting, “Repeal AB 5,” to which Gonzalez replied by shouting into the microphone, “F*** Donald Trump.”

One of the events attendees, Gloria Rivera (@BlueUrpi), captured the whole thing on video that she posted to Twitter. Those who have been hurt by AB 5, and opponents of the bill are sharing this clip as just another example of Gonzalez’s attitude toward Californians affected by her legislation.

Furthermore, out of the top three candidates running for Mayor of San Diego, only Assemblyman Todd Gloria is in support of AB 5. Gloria co-authored the bill with Lorena Gonzalez and voted in support of it in the State Assembly.

Republican candidate Scott Sherman, and Democrat Barbara Bry both oppose AB 5 and support a full repeal. KUSI recently hosted a roundtable discussion with the top three mayoral candidates where they detailed their policies and their stance on AB 5.

Democrat mayoral candidate Tasha Williamson is also against AB 5.

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