Crowne Plaza Hotel homeless shelter turns into processing center for migrants

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego’s homeless problem is out of control, with a record high 1,609 homeless people living in Downtown San Diego alone.

City and County leaders, like Mayor Gloria and Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, insist on converting hotels/motels into homeless shelters, as they continue touting the openings as success.

Despite the opening of these new shelters, our homeless problem is worse than ever before.

KUSI’s Teresa Sardina was at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Mission Valley, which is now a homeless shelter, shedding light on another major controversy that has resulted from the transformations.

Asylum-seeking migrants are being sheltered at these facilities that are supposed to be housing homeless San Diegans.

Homeless advocate Michael McConnell fears these migrants are being set up for failure by being put into our homeless facilities, while others say sheltering migrants in these places is simply taking beds away from the thousands living on the streets.

KUSI’s Teresa Sardina attempted to speak to someone in charge, but the security guard at the entrance to the property said nobody is available to talk.

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