DA Summer Stephan calls for officials to withdraw plan to release sexually violent predator into San Diego County

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan is criticizing a decision by the Department of State Hospitals and Liberty Health Care to place a sexually-violent predator from Humboldt County, California in the Pauma Valley area of San Diego County. It is the first time in history such an ‘out of county’ placement has occurred.

The sexually violent predator is 40-year-old Joshua Cooley. Cooley has committed multiple offenses against children under the age of 14, including sexual assault and kidnapping.

Just weeks ago, a San Diego judge said Pauma Valley was not a suitable area to house sex offenders. Now, the community is gearing up for another fight to prevent Cooley from being released to their neighborhood.

District Attorney Summer Stephan detailed her opposition to Cooley’s release on Good Morning San Diego.

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