DA Summer Stephan opposes placement of SVP Douglas Badger into Rancho Bernardo

RANCHO BERNARDO (KUSI) – The San Diego Superior Court has ordered the conditional release of Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Douglas Badger.  If you live in the community of Rancho Bernardo within the City of San Diego, the California Department of State Hospitals (DSH) has recommended the placement of Douglas Badger at 17836 Frondoso Drive, San Diego, CA 92128.

17836 Frondoso Dr Street View

Rancho Bernardo home where the California Department of State Hospitals recommended the placement of Sexually Violent Predator, Douglas Badger. Address: 17836 Frondoso Drive, San Diego, CA 92128.

Badger was convicted of sexual assaults dating back to 1981 and 1990.

That selection process is the responsibility of DSH and the San Diego Superior Court.

San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan is aware of the community opposition to Badger’s placement.

Stephan discussed why she also opposes his placement into Rancho Bernardo with KUSI’s Lauren Phinney on Good Morning San Diego.

Stephan emphasized the importance of community members voicing their concerns, and urged people to attend and make themselves heard.

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