DA Summer Stephan works to prevent criminals from using ‘ghost guns’

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Earlier this week, the San Diego City Council banned the sale and possession of ghost guns. District Attorney, Summer Stephan, is here to talk about how her office has seen spike in gang-related crime and the widespread use of untraceable guns.

San Diego County District Attorney’s office has seen a large spike in gang-related crime and widespread use of untraceable guns.

Ghost guns don’t have serial numbers, meaning they are not registered.

Gang members sell ghost guns to each other, and they can be built by purchasing all the pieces individually. Plus, some of these guns may be illegally coming across our Southern border.

Summer said most of the people caught with a ghost guns already have criminal records.

Stephan joined KUSI’s Jason Austell to discuss what they are doing to combat the spike in crime and keep San Diegans safe.

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