I may have whiplash after this week. I don’t think I am alone, either. As we rolled into Monday it appeared more of the same political news was coming: Trump this, Trump that, with recaps of his rallies getting heated and violent and plenty of accusations of they-said-we-said. Tweets-a-plenty would abound, the nation would be entertained and then on we would go into Easter weekend.

Sure, President Obama was off on an historic trip to Cuba (much of which was at our expense as taxpayers) but that had been in the news for months so Americans seemed to want to focus on other things, including Spring Break. If Trump or a Kardashian had gone along to Havana there might have been more intense interest.

Then all hell broke loose in Brussels.

While reports flooded in and the numbers of wounded or dead increased, the President made every effort to stick to the schedule with the Castro regime. After a whopping :51 seconds of remarks about the latest terror attacks (even as questions swirled about the missing…including some Americans… he was off to the game with Raul.  

Television highlights included the two leaders engaging in “the wave”. At least the U.S. team won. It would have only been better TV if Fidel showed up too, propped up, ala Weekend at Bernie’s.

Of course dozens of Cuban dissidents couldn’t enjoy the game since the regime locked them up before Air Force One touched down, spreading its giant carbon footprint over the 1950’s world of the Castro brothers. 

The show had to go on, we were told. The Obama vacation with Michele and the girls would not be interrupted… there was history and diplomacy to be made. Nothing would get in the way of legacy plans for another themed wing in the future Presidential Library. 

The President defended criticism of the “optics”, that it wasn’t appropriate to be seen yucking it up with the Communist strongman as chaos and manhunts continued in Belgium. He said the terrorists would not stop our day to day lifestyle.

Mr. Obama cited the past bombings at the Boston Marathon, and how a major league baseball game went on anyway. Never mind that was days later, and that nothing ala the Cuba Summit was happening.  His defenders also noted George W. Bush told America to “go shopping” after 9/11.  Not exactly the same thing as elbow-to-elbow chumminess with the man who still oppresses the Cuban people. Castro’s military regime also gets the loot from tourism.

In the midst of it all, the FBI was reportedly digging deeper into Hillary Clinton’s emails and Clinton Foundation fundraising streams.  Indictment(s) could still be coming, though that would require the Obama Justice Dept. pursuing things, too.

Bill Clinton injected himself into the news by stating that rally attendees needed to elect his wife President to get rid of the “awful legacy of the past eight years” and the “seven years before that”. That covers Bush… and Obama, who his wife says is just swell.

Chelsea Clinton, also on the campaign stump, said something about the too-expensive Obamacare that Hillary embraces, adding her Mom would “fix it” with an executive order or two.

Bernie Sanders was slowly realizing that the “fix” was in… not so much due to the GOP but by the hands of his own Democrat party, where they have stacked their “super delegates” in Hillary’s favor. He’s now feeling a different kind of burn.

Two days after Havana beisbol, there was a sometimes defensive press conference alongside the new President of Argentina where Mr. Obama decided fresh optics would be great.

That evening (as questions and threats remained about ISIS and world security) he tried the tango with a professional dancer. Mrs. Obama did likewise and no one in the dinner party was injured, but the team is unlikely to advance to the next round of “Dancing With The Stars”.

A bonus surprise: Mr. Obama now says that “defeating ISIS” is his “top priority”.  Big switch from “climate change”. There’s some progress.

In Brussels the search for more terror suspects continued with more action, plots unraveling and a revelation that anti-bad-guy worldwide connectivity in the world still left much to be desired, post 9/11. The Belgian government admitted “security lapses”.

Then this morning Secretary of State John Kerry finally acknowledged at least two Americans were now officially added to the list of the dead. Chances are officials knew this earlier this week. Maybe Hillary did, too.

Last night on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, former Secretary Clinton wasn’t even asked about Brussels, the most important story all week. Instead she was rewarded with a campaign infomercial, yucking it up with Jimmy and the crew.  Her version of dancing the night away.

The old “JV Team”, ISIS (or ISIL or “DAESH”) is on the move again, and some modern day Nero’s are fiddling.

Then, after such a crazy week, the Pentagon announced today that our U.S. Special Ops teams killed the number #2 ISIS leader. As if that win makes all the bad optics OK.

Republicans are caught in their own messy war of words (though at this writing no one has been killed by it). It’s Trump again, lobbying rhetorical grenades back and forth with Ted Cruz, both throwing their wives into the fray. Waiting for an actual food fight next, on pay per view.

Governor John Kasich is trying to get traction as the “grown up” in the race, but he’s miles behind in delegates and only an act of God or an “open” Republican Convention can help him.

Most Americans know only and mostly about the latest Trump and Cruz news.  Yes, they’re concerned about terrorism, but the national media are busy assisting the spin to make it appear that even that is really not as big as it seems.

Message: Nothing to see here folks, let’s dance.




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