Darrell Issa calls out Democrat opponent Ammar Campa-Najjar for lying about his career

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The 2020 general election is just over 70 days away, and the race for the 50th Congressional District will be one to watch.

Republican candidate Darrell Issa is running against Democrat candidate Ammer Campa-Najjar to win the seat once held by Duncan D. Hunter.

Prior to Issa’s Sunday interview on Good Morning San Diego, Campa-Najjar discussed his campaign, background, and the career of his opponent, Darrell Issa.

To start his interview, Issa refuted Campa-Najjar’s claims saying, “when I listened to my opponent for the last ten minutes, first of all distorting my record, claiming even though he has said on the record to Democrat groups that he was for a version of the Green New Deal, that now suddenly when we have these blackouts because we don’t have enough power, he’s on the right side. Well, he just isn’t.”

Issa hit back at Campa-Najjar for claiming he ran a small business, when he “formed a company of one person as a consultant, and called it a business.”

Issa spoke with KUSI’s Jason Austell in more detail about the campaign and why he believes Campa-Najjar is intentionally distorting his record.

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