Darrell Issa on the Protecting the Right to Organize Act and President Trump’s 2021 budget

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The House of Representatives has introduced a new bill that will amend the National Labor Relations Act.

The Protecting the Right to Organize Act is similar to AB 5 and aims to extend protections to union workers.

Among other things, the bill revises the definition of “employee” and “supervisor” to prevent employers from classifying employees as exempt from labor law protections, expands unfair labor practices to include prohibitions against replacement of or discrimination against workers who participate in strikes, makes it an unfair labor practice to require or coerce employees to attend employer meetings designed to discourage union membership and permits workers to participate in collective or class action litigation.

The bill comes as President Donald Trump has just unveiled a $4.8 trillion election-year budget plan on Monday that recycles previously rejected cuts to domestic programs like food stamps and Medicaid to promise a balanced budget in 15 years — all while leaving Social Security and Medicare benefits untouched.

Trump’s fiscal 2021 plan promises the government’s deficit will crest above $1 trillion only for the current budget year before steadily decreasing to more manageable levels, relying on optimistic economic projections, lower interest costs, scaled-back overseas military operations and proposed cuts to agency budgets that run counter to two previous budget deals signed by Trump.

Darrel Issa (R), candidate for the 50th congressional district, was in studio to talk about the latest on these issues.

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