Data Expert Justin Hart explains how COVID testing settings are out of whack

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Tennessee Titans suspended in-person activities through Friday after the NFL says three Titans players and five personnel tested positive for the coronavirus, becoming the first COVID-19 outbreak of the NFL season in Week 4.

This is the first instance of positive tests among NFL players since the season resumed, bringing attention to their successful testing methods.

In short, the NFL filters out false positives among the players and staff, which there are many, by

Justin Hart also published a video (below) to his Twitter feed that quickly explains what the cycle threshold is.

Hart discussed all that is going on with the NFL and their testing protocols on KUSI News, and then explained why he believes our government needs to use this testing method to efficiently monitor the spread of coronavirus in the community.

Hart has always advocated false positives alone are preventing San Diego County form advancing through Gavin Newsom’s strict reopening guidelines, but is hoping the NFL’s successful solution will bring more attention to the important issue.

Hart joined KUSI News to explain why our coronavirus testing setting are completely out of whack.

Wednesday, KUSI asked San Diego County Health Officials what the cycle threshold is for the PCR tests administered by the county. Dr. McDonald explained the answer in detail:


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