Data expert Justin Hart finds ‘there’s no real evidence that masks work’

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Data expert Justin Hart has been following the coronavirus pandemic numbers closely for months. Hart has been advocating for the reopening of our economy and action to “get back to normal” because the coronavirus is not as dangerous as we have been told.

Furthermore a recent mask usage survey published by The New York Times, has some wondering about the true correlation between wearing a mask, and contracting or dying from the virus.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden recently called for a three month national mask mandate, but many places across the country have no problems containing the spread. Even in our biggest cities, Justin Hart has found that there is “zero correlation between the wearing of masks and the decrease of cases and deaths.”

Hart reminded the audience he is not a doctor, rather a data expert analyzing the numbers.

Hart admits he gladly wears his mask while in public, but for one reason. Hart says, “our local leaders have created a distinct fear, they are fear mongers of the first degree. They have created a distinct fear among our populous. I know this because when we do surveys of the populous, they tell us an over estimate of their risk, they overestimate the number of people that have been killed, so I do it out of kindness because a lot of us are suffering from PTSD.”

Hart continued to explain, “the on purpose that masks serve is basically to allow our elected leaders to wash their hands of any sort of responsibility for their awful lockdown policies, and their policies to schools. If this fails then they can say look, all of this would have worked if only you would have worn your mask.”

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