Data expert Justin Hart found the statistics prove there is no need for lockdowns

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Data expert Justin Hart has been closely following the coronavirus data across the country, specifically here in San Diego County.

According to the data, Hart has found many different inconsistencies with the rules and regulations imposed on us by our local and state governments.

Over the last few months, Hart has proved Dr. Wilma Wooten wrong when she claimed 6 in 10 San Diegans have pre-existing conditions, detailed the success of Sweden’s coronavirus response, showed asymptomatic transmission to be rare, found there is no real evidence that masks work, and found Governor Newsom’s reopening guidelines to be mathematically impossible to achieve because of false positives.

Hart is not a doctor, but he used the data available to come to these conclusions.

As San Diego State University Students return to campus, there has been an increase in positive coronavirus cases among the students, as expected. But, this increase in cases is likely to push San Diego County back into Tier 1 of Gavin Newsom’s reopening guidelines.

Justin Hart explains the rise of cases among college students is to be expected and the alarms raised by Democrats, like Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, are unfounded. Hart insists there is absolutely no reason to freak out, college students have close to zero risk of getting seriously ill or dying from coronavirus.

Unfortunately, Governor Newsom announced Wednesday that he would not be removing the SDSU cases from San Diego County’s case rate. Newsom’s announcement has prompted the County Board of Supervisors to hold an emergency session to figure out how to fight for local businesses struggling to survive amid the government overreach.

Supervisor Nathan Fletcher is the only Supervisor to consistently vote against the reopening process, and has already signaled his opposition to fight any orders from the state government that would restrict our businesses.

With more restrictive shutdowns expected shortly, Justin Hart analyzed the economic impact they have had on our region to this point.

According to his analysis, San Diegans have lost $3.6 Billion in lost wages. Hart explained, “the loss of sales tax and even property tax the county will lose if we shut down will FAR eclipse any dollars we’d have to pay back to governor Newsom.”

Hart is active on Twitter (@Justin_Hart) and published a series of graphics showcasing the low risk of death each age group has from coronavirus.

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