Data expert Justin Hart says cases should not be used to justify shutdowns

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego’s current coronavirus case rate is 8.7 cases, per 100,000.

The rate needs to be at 7, in order to remain in the current Red Tier.

Data expert Justin Hart anticipates we will not be able to lower our case rate below 7 by next week, but explains why Gavin Newsom’s system is flawed.

Hart doesn’t think we should use cases to guide our reopening process, and says the state’s “adjusted case rate” system is pointless.

To assure viewers on his stance that using cases to guide our reopening process is flowed, Hart cited a New York Times study that found as much as 40% to 90% of positive cases have turned out not to be infectious.

Furthermore, Hart cited the unintended consequences of the shutdowns like San Diego County overdoses seeing numbers three times this time last year.


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