Data expert Justin Hart urges health officials to reopen schools

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Data expert Justin Hart has been following the COVID-19 numbers very closely.

He has discussed the details of the data, and explained why they are important mulitple times on KUSI News, and constantly on his Twitter feed, @Justin_Hart.

As we approach the Fall, the next reopening controversy has turned to schools. Should schools reopen for the Fall semester?

Hart explained that the hysteria about hospitals overflowing, is nothing new. Hospitals have dealt with patient surges before, “and this is something hospitals are very used to dealing with.”

Hart believes the increase in cases is okay, because the people testing positive are young people very low risk.

Furthermore, after looking at the data, Hart said, “here in San Diego, here in California, on the entire West coast, not a single person has died under the age of 20. But we know that 3,000 to 5,000 high schoolers across this country will die by their own hands, by suicide, every year.”

As a result, Hart said, “we need to open our schools, I am imploring our residents to really take this up. Parents need to step up because your schools are going to be shut down, and your kids are going to see dramatic impact.”

On Good Morning San Diego, Hart used the data to explain children have very low risk to coronavirus, meaning schools should reopen.


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