Scandal surrounding Dave Roberts may cost him job

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The scandal that has engulfed County Supervisor Dave Roberts may end up costing his job. 

It’s tainted his political career and distanced him from his fellow supervisors. Roberts has not gotten out in front of this scandal and politically he could end up resigning rather than running for re-election.

Political Consultant John Dadian said Roberts cannot recover from this scandal by being silent, he has to confront accusations against him head-on.

Roberts problems began with disgruntled staffers who felt he was autocratic and lacked political skills.

But the accusations turned serious when a staffer accused him of misusing funds, followed by a complaint alleging inappropriate behavior.

Rather than addressing the charges, Roberts send out his former campaign manager.

“Throughout his entire term Dave Roberts has held himself to the highest ethical standards, and has done nothing improper, unethical or inappropriate,” said Gary Gartner.

Since then, four staffers have resigned as the scandal widened and took on an air of the scandal that drove Bob Filner from office.

“One similarity is there’s a new shoe dropping every day for the past couple of weeks, a new allegation or a new leak comes out, and that’s very damaging, and when that starts happening you need to address one by one and they haven’t been doing that,” Dadian said.

The legal complaints filed with the county will move forward and others may be filed moving the legal process into the campaign season and threatening Robert’s tenure.

“That’s why I say resignation probably would, if not in the next few months, then next year before reelection because that process is not going to stop,” Dadian added.

Politically, Roberts has become isolated from his fellow supervisors, some of whom say he’s on his own with legal bills the county will not pay for personal indiscretions.

“He’s done a good job as supervisor, the republicans would not have put up a credible candidate before this scandal but now they will because Dave Roberts gave them a sword,” Dadian said.

A Roberts resignation would be a gift to the Republican Party and there’s no shortage of candidates.

“The most attractive right now is Encinitas Mayor Kristin Gasper, very similar to Pam Slater, you know, a lot of similarities, female elected official, from Encinitas a major city in that district, also mayor of Escondido Sam Abed is being talked about, and then you have Mark Kersey of San Diego city council and Brien Mainschein assembly member all of those are front runners,” Dadian said.

On the Democrat side, a candidate feeling Roberts cannot recover from the scandal might enter the race early to challenge Roberts for the party’s nomination on the chance Roberts will not run for re-election or even resign before the election.

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