Dave Stall previews Charger Steve’s Wild Rides & Classic Car Showdown

Car shows are a great place to take your children and give them a little hands-on education. A show like Charger Steve’s Wild Rides will give you and your family a taste of the past and the future.

Charger Steve has convinced Pacific Beach to close down Garnet Avenue so fans can walk among the classic hot rods, movie cars and motorcycles without the fear of getting run over!

Steve has gathered a group of Movie Cars that are not normally seen in public.

One of Charger Steve’s events is not seen at all car shows. He will start up a V8 engine that has no water or oil in it, and then rev the engine until it blows up! If you haven’t seen an engine blow up, it can be pretty impressive.

Steve has also gathered up a group of local bands to help entertain fans all day long and if you’re into to Bikini Contests, Charger Steve has taken care of that as well! Local beauties will be competing for the grand prize.

So whatever you are into, cars, food, shopping, bikini contests or even a blown up V8 engine, all of that can be found on Garnet avenue and the price of admission is free! So bring the family and friends and have a great San Diego Day!

Register for the event by clicking here.

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