Dave Stall: San Diego British Car Day at Spanish Landing Park East

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Next week is the San Diego British Car Day. Automotive expert Dave Stall visited the studio on Saturday to share more about the event.

Held at Spanish Landing Park East, on Saturday, October 13th, San Diego British Car Day is an annual event, showcasing the best of British vehicles. With grassy areas, shade, and next to the Bay, Spanish Landing Park East is a beautiful showcase for our cars. Held on a Saturday this year, so that afternoon traffic is less of a problem, we anticipate a large turnout.

The theme this year is “The Tradition of British Racing and Rally Cars”, and we are encouraging those historical, but not always show quality, cars to come forward. Telling the stories of Racing and Rally cars through the cars themselves, they are physical tributes to a long and honored pastime. A special award will be given for the Racing and Rally exhibits.

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