Dave’s World of Wonder: San Diego named capital of craft beer

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — It’s taken three decades, but according to Business Insider, San Diego is now the capital of craft beer. 

From a handful of local brewers 30 years ago, San Diego is now home to more than 140 brewers. It’s a big change from the days when big name brews dominated the market. 

"In the old days, the big breweries would actually have it consolidated with a few choices for their products," said San Diego Brewing Company owner, Lee Doxtader. "When craft breweries came into play it gave you freshness it gave you local products and it gave you Flavors you can only imagine"

At San Diego Brewing Company in North Park, there are more than a dozen flavors, from light, sweet and smooth to dark, heavy and hoppy. Folks have been lining up for the local brew ever since Doxtader got his business brewing. 

"In 1993 we started just two guys not really knowing what they were doing and consequently resurrecting a name and brewing a product we  believe in," said Doxtader. 

Beer has always been popular ever since it was brewed centuries ago, now the hope is to keep San Diego top of the hop heap. 

"My hope is that SanDiego continues on becoming the king of craft beer in the nation," said Doxtader. 

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