DEA launches nationwide effort to combat drug-related crime

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The DEA launch Project Safeguard working   in  collaboration   with  Federal,  State,  and  local  partners,  including   the  Bureau  of  Alcohol,  Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives  and the U.S. Marshals Service.  It isl  comprised of  three focus  areas to address the growing  violent  crime  threat in  many  cities  across the United States:

  • Disrupting,   dismantling,   and   destroying   the   most   significant   violent   drug   trafficking   organizations  throughout  the United  States;
  • Increasing collaboration  with  ATF to ensure effective federal prosecution of firearms traffickers  associated  with  drug  trafficking   organizations;
  • Prioritizing  the capture of DEA fugitives  who employ  violence  as part of drug trafficking.
According to the DEA,  traffickers  that  flood  our  communities   with  deadly  drugs,  including  opioids,   heroin,  fentanyl,  meth  and cocaine,  are often the same criminals  responsible  for the high  rates of assault, murder,  and gang activity  in our cities.
Agents say these criminals  employ  fear, violence,  and intimidation  to traffic drugs,  and in doing   so,  exacerbate a drug crisis  that claims  more than 70,000  American lives  every year.
Since  it  began  in  August  2020,   Project  Safeguard  has  resulted  in  more  than  34  arrests,  more  than  71  seized  firearms,  nearly  $552,000   in  seized  assets,  and  over  112  kilograms   of  seized  controlled  substances,  from  the  15 cases within  the San Diego  Field  Division.
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