Deadlocked Deliberations

For the first time in the 18-year history of the Prep Pigskin Report, our Silver Pigskin Player of the Year ballot deliberations have extended beyond the weekend. Our Player of the Year Committee quickly agreed on three finalists, and then… chaos ensued. When the clock struck 3 am on Saturday morning, the meeting adjourned with tempers still flaring and nerves beyond frayed.

Saturday’s afternoon session began on a positive note. A fourth name was agreed upon. And then things turned sour again. The fifth chair is proving to be especially tough to fill. Not because there is a shortage of deserving athletes; just the opposite is true. Our problem is a familiar one: too many deserving “Pigskinners,” too few podium chairs, and no shortage of hardheaded Red Jackets with strong opinions.  And we haven’t even gotten around to addressing the Fan Vote Ballot.

Sunday’s meeting lasted less than 30 minutes before two members of our committee walked out, leaving us short of a quorum. Monday’s gathering didn’t fare much better. Tuesday deadlocked. Wednesday log jammed. And the clock keeps ticking.

At some point we will reach a consensus on both our Gala podium picks and our Fan Vote Ballot. Our tentative timeline looks like this:

Friday night on the PPR, we announce the five Finalists selected by the Prep Pigskin Player of the Year Committee. We also go public with the names eligible for the Fan Vote. You the viewers have one week to cast your vote for the athlete you want in the sixth podium seat.

On Friday, November 18, we finalize our 2016 Silver Pigskin Player of the Year ballot. Immediately after the Week 13 PPR, you the people begin a second wave of voting that concludes at midnight on Monday, December 5.

17 hours later we all gather inside the hangar deck of the USS Midway Museum for the 18th edition of the Silver Pigskin Gala.  The invitation-only event is expected to attract another record- sized audience and will once again be broadcast live on KUSI-TV. The red carpet ceremony starts at 5 pm with the main event kicking off at 6 pm.

If you are fortunate enough to receive a Gala invitation, I would like to stress a couple important things. Gala doors will open at 5:30 pm, leaving us a mere 30 minutes to get everyone aboard and seated. My advice is to arrive early and walk quickly to your seats!

Also, the Midway will remain open after the Gala so that our guests can experience the Museum in all its full glory. 

This season has gone by in a flash. And the pace is only going to quicken. Buckle up and hang on tight. It won’t be long before we learn the identity of the 18th athlete to be immortalized on the the Prestigious Silver Pigskin.

Paul W. Rudy


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